With every New Year comes the long list of resolutions—some are well intended and needed, while others are setting us up for failure. Like, “This year I’m going to work (or stress) less and visit one new city each month.” While that sounds great, it’s not likely to happen—in my world at least. Not with a full-time job, motherhood, and writing books and blogs.

While people are making commitments to losing weight, stopping bad habits, or letting go of—fill in the blank—I’ve decided this year NOT to resolve to do anything. weigh-689873__180.jpgResolve, verb, means to “find an answer or solution to something or to make a firm decision about x” and I’m not going to make that list. Instead, I’m going to look at the old me (you know, the 2015 one) and say, “Hey, not bad. You did a pretty good job at being you.” And, I’m going to make a different kind of list—a New Year, Same Me list.

In the New Year, I will continue to

  1. dance to crazy-good music and not care if I look silly doing it
  2. work hard because I love what I do and not apologize for writing just one more page even if it is one a.m.
  3. forget things like bake sales for school, PTO meetings, and signed permission slips…because I’m human. I forget. I get distracted.
  4. get upset at rejection letters or from the hurtful things people say and do for no good reason
  5. still sleep in every chance I get
  6. still go to the gym when I can
  7. pray for harmony and peace, even though sometimes I feel like it’s not helping
  8. keep writing for me and keep hoping others will want to read my stuff
  9. kiss the people I love
  10. have good days and bad ones—we’re human and we have emotions. Some of them control us, not the other way around. I’m okay with being a little moody sometimes.

Okay, so maybe in a way I am resolving to stay me—to keep up the okay job I’ve been doing. Whatever this list is, a list of resolutions or not, it was a fun way to look at who I am—warts and all. Happy New Year everyone!