kindle-381242__180Thanks for checking out my guest blog today by Andrew Graham. I love his tips on making time to read—and finish—a good book. Let’s face it, we’re all running in a thousand different directions. Who has the time?

Andrew writes:  Four years ago I took a test to see what my personality type was. I found the idea kind of terrifying, restricting, and not exactly reliable, but it was an interesting prospect and a group of us were doing it for fun. This test confirmed a fact about me that I have known well for a while: I am 97% an extrovert (I leave room for 3% for those days when you just have to stay inside your room and eat ice cream, chocolate, etc.). This comes with its perks, as I can relate well with people, have good conversational skills, and get the privilege to invest in many people’s lives. However, as many extroverts may find, it also has some downsides. Specifically, I have found reading an entire book to be a constant struggle. It is not that I lack the motivation or desire to read books, my personal collection of books would prove otherwise. But I find that my energy slowly drains away as I read. So I am inspired to give you an extrovert’s guide to finishing a book.

My first tip is to have people present when you decide to read. This will be the most dangerous step in the journey, as this leads to the most temptation. children-684584__180You will want to talk to the people. You will want to invest in the people. They are, after all, a source of energy. But you must endure! Two ways to alleviate the temptations are listening to music while you read (spotify has some great playlists for such occasions.) and to make the purpose of the human interactions to be for reading. Get some friends together and make your hangout time a reading hour. The important thing is to make sure you are having fun while you are reading, or else you won’t want to do it.

My second tip is to schedule times for you to read. It can be easy to have the good intentions to read a book, but when a friend invites you to play a game or see a movie, those intentions are easily put to the side. Now, don’t get me wrong here, those things are definitely important and should be pursued. But if you always find yourself shoving reading time to the side, try to schedule a small block of time to read a chapter a day, or every other day. Something that you can maintain consistency with, while still being able to maintain consistency with your friends.

My third and final tip is to keep trying. If you are trying to read a book you don’t like, find a different one. Keep trying until you finish a book, and then another, and so on. It is a worthy pursuit, and something that you will thank yourself for later. It is essentially caring for your mind, which some people would identify as a vital part of our existence.

library-425730__180This may be difficult adventure for you, or this might be something you already pursue with great gusto. Either way, I hope that you will be able to fully enjoy the books you read. And maybe together, extroverts or introverts (or ambiverts, or whatever else there is), we can continue to better ourselves by finishing more books.