This week’s guest blogger, Christina Lynn, challenges us to be young at heart–and, most, importantly, to have fun.


It’s funny how as kids we refuse to let go of certain things—books our mom or dad read to us every night or cassette tapes we listened to nonstop in a Fisher-Price tape player. But as adults, the way we look at those things often changes. After reading classic literature, we notice how the words of those bedtime stories sound so simple. After listening to classical music, we realize how unsophisticated those sing-along songs are.

When you’re a child, you can find enjoyment from almost anything. But is that necessarily a bad thing? As adults, we’re often taught to analyze and criticize. Yet if we stop and think about what made us love those books or tapes in the first place, we’ll realize that Goodnight Moon does have pretty pictures, and “Old MacDonald” is quite catchy. person-857021__180

Maybe we should watch crazy cartoons or listen to silly songs every once in a while. They might not be very educational or thought-provoking, but they remind us what it’s like to be young – and, most, importantly, how to have fun.