Its just been one of those weeks.We’ve all uttered this phrase at some point in our lives, right? Keep reading to hear what guest blogger Hannah Walls has to say about getting through a really bad day or week. girl-1098612__180

Hannah writes: I’m not sure if this particular sentiment is universal or American based, but somehow, we all understand it to mean “my life feels terrible right now. I know it’s not actually terrible, but it just feels that way right now.”

However far reaching the phrase is, the sentiment itself is something that knows no bounds. You’re running on little to no sleep. You got a speeding ticket. Your best friend is upset at you for a reason that still alludes you. Your boss got upset over an honest mistake and your significant other just can’t understand what the problem is. Of course these are fairly mild examples, and sometimes the trials we face are much more difficult than these, and may seem insurmountable. No matter how young or how old, we’ve all had these times in our lives when it just seemed like we couldn’t make it through, and this week would truly never end.

But the good news is, the week always does end. The light at the end of the tunnel might be small and impossible to see, but it really is there. Of course, the end of the week doesn’t always mean the end of all problems. Friday doesn’t bring magical solutions to all problems, but it does bring something else with it— confidence.

I recently had one of those weeks myself, grappling with making very adult choices (and quickly discovering just how un-adult I truly feel). But I made it through that week. And then, guess what? A new week started. And while life hasn’t fallen perfectly into place since, I know I can push myself, and that when these tough situations come along there is strength to make it through. woman-570883__180I probably won’t handle everything perfectly; I’ll most certainly make mistakes and at some point I’ll dig myself into a hole or find myself at a dead end. But life will go on, I will learn and grow, and a new week will always come.