Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m starting something new this week. I’ll be hosting a “hot topics” blog, and you’ll get to read what young adults are saying about new TV shows, bad manners or habits, social media etiquette, and more. This week, guest blogger Landon Walker is talking about being a college athlete. He writes:

baseball-1526857__180As a college baseball player, I hope to one day do what many athletes have done and do what some have not done. But I will never be able to accomplish those goals  if I don’t work to reach them. Some of today’s top professional athletes get paid the “big bucks” and bonuses in the tens of millions of dollars. But do these athletes really deserve these salaries?

Athletes like Mike Trout have to eat right, practice/train, and travel all the time. They have to be dedicated and make sacrifices for their team or they will not get paid. They compete at very high levels against other talented individuals. They don’t just go out and do what they do either. They have to work hard to enhance their talent on the playing field. They put in the work to keep getting better.

It is not all fun and games, and they have to work hard to live the dream.