My guest blogger today, Addie Carter, is writing about diversity—about the beauty of our differences and the harmony of humankind. Too often these days, it feels like we’re out of tune. musicians-549812_960_720

Addie writes: Imagine the sound. The sight. The lights are low behind and beside you, but not in front. In front of you the lights are lit wildly, glimmering and glistening off of violins, cellos, pianos, drums, tambourines, harmonicas, trumpets, guitars. You’re listening intently and watching closely. Each person is playing a different instrument with different notes. But they are all harmonizing together to orchestrate a masterpiece of flowing sounds.

Sometimes you hear the soprano, softly singing the high notes. Sometimes you hear the tenor, belting out the middle notes. Sometimes you hear the flute. Sometimes you hear the ukulele—all the while watching faces change as new notes are played. Watching hands move and arms rise and fall, you realize that each person is different. While they’re all playing together, they are all unique in the way they strum, pick, or voice. Yet, the music they make touches your heart. Soothes your soul. Quiets your mind. The music they make is in a word: beautiful.

That’s diversity. While we can strive for ethnic diversity, racial diversity, or class diversity, we will never understand the true meaning of diversity until we see ourselves as diverse. We will never understand the true meaning of diversity until we see the instrument we play in the orchestra of the world, and we choose to play it in harmony with the ones around us. We each have a seat on the stage. We each have a spotlight shining glimmers and sparkles on the instrument in front of us.

The challenge now, is not to define diversity. But to live diversity.