Here’s what one college student has to say about music these days.

Shelby Britt writes: Music. This term conjures up different ideas, depending on the person. Some people hear a Keith Urban song, while others may think of Snoop Dog.

turntable-1109588__180One recurring theme I have noticed is how people treat genres of music that they are unfamiliar with. Asking someone to explore a new genre of music can best be described as poking a hibernating bear and thinking it won’t bite your head off.

People guard their taste in music and often vehemently oppose at least one type of genre of music. This is even a problem generationally; If I had a dollar for every single time my mother made fun of my music, I would be a millionaire.

musician-349790__180This week I’ve been listening to several new artists. In the world of country, I’ve been enjoying Chris Young. His voice is reminiscent of George Strait or Allen Jackson but with a modern country sound.

In the rock realm, I’ve been listening to a lot of Sixx:A.M. Nikki Sixx of Mӧtley Crüe formed the band in 2007. Vocalist James Michael’s high pitched voice melds with the bassline to form a beautiful sound that I have yet to grow tired of.

I wouldn’t recommend this next band to the faint of heart. My not-so-guilty pleasure band is Asking Alexandria. This band takes metal to the extreme: heavy guitar riffs, aggressive vocals known as “screaming” and double drum kicks push metal to new heights.

My final recommendation is the bubblegum pop band, Little Mix. Little Mix are an all-girl British band with an upbeat sound. Most of their lyrics deal with female empowerment, relationships, and friendship. I always listen to Little Mix to lift my mood or to dance to.

I challenge you to branch out.