Guest blogger Tyler Thomas warns readers about the effects of smoking.

cigarettes-83571__180As of 2014, 16.8% (or 40 million) U.S. Americans smoke cigarettes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Smoking cigarettes not only causes harm to your physical health, but it can also cause harm to your emotional and financial health. Although smoking cigarettes can sometimes relieve stress, it isn’t worth it. Here’s why: Smoking can cause

  1. Bodily damage:  Smoking can cause lung cancer and can lead to collapsing lungs and shortness of breath.
  2. Emotional damage: Smoking can lead to depression and isolation.
  3. Financial stress: Smoking cigarettes can cause financial stress simply because you are spending money daily to buy cigarettes when you could be saving money or spending it on something more useful.

skull-and-crossbones-1418827__180Spending money on cigarettes is spending money to have lung or heart problems. And while smoking is a hard habit to kick, it could end up saving you more than money—it could end up saving your life.