What’s new this week—other than our presidential election? Anyone else nervous about who is about to become our country’s next leader? Of course—and for good reason. This election has been like no other we’ve seen. So, I’m nervous to say the least. And when I get nervous, I eat. Anyone else out there a nervous eater? Many of us resort to food in times of stress, so I thought today’s blog from John David Fuzzell was appropriate. sandwich-434658__180While we’re watching who becomes our president, we should still be watching what we’re eating…and here’s why.

John David writes: Maintaining a healthy diet is essential because a bad diet can lead to many health problems. It is extremely important to be knowledgeable about the effects that bad eating can have on our health. A bad diet typically consists of an overload of calories, carbs, and sugars. Sadly, many are unaware of the reasons behind an unhealthy diet. Here are a few tips to consider:


  1. Before creating a meal plan, take into consideration the proportions necessary for each category of food. Setting up proportions for each category consists of making out a table and compiling the percentages of each category that a person needs.
  2. Try to balance the following categories of food: fruit and vegetables, meat and alternatives, rice and alternatives, and fats, oils, salts, and sugars.
  3. Try to select less of the fats group and more of the other three groups.
  4. Don’t overload on a certain category of food. Likewise, don’t eat tremendously less than the recommended portion of food for each category.

In conclusion, the level of quality and quantity of the food that a person ingests directly determines the way in which he or she operates.