My guest blogger this week is Josh McCaleb, who is writing about what reality TV is doing to us. Here’s what he has to say:

children-403582__340Television today is very effective in molding the minds of its viewers, and some programs on TV, especially reality shows, are negatively shaping us. While reality shows are meant to simply show what happens in the lives of some of our favorite celebrities, no script and no filter, they can have a long-lasting and negative effect.

Some of today’s most watched reality shows include Duck Dynasty, The Voice, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and The Biggest Loser. Each program has its own individual effect on society. But despite their original purpose of being entertainment, some of these shows can actually bring a person to a point of depression—yes, it’s depressing to watch families yelling at and fighting with each other all of the time or to see a “favorite” get kicked off.

These are the shows that really get under my skin. These are also the ones that send a negative message to the public, which make them some of the worst things to watch. So next time you turn on the TV, stop and ask yourself: why am I watching this show?