My guest blogger, Miguel Vilas, is talking about the lack of sleep and its consequences. He writes:


Most people have heard that the average teen needs 9-10 hours of sleep every night and adults typically need anywhere from 7 to 9. But on average, most people do not get enough sleep to the point of feeling rested. Not getting the recommended hours of sleep can have a negative impact on adults in the workplace and also on teens at school.

When people are overtired, they can have a bad attitude at work toward costumers or coworkers. They might give the minimum effort needed for a task or be careless and make mistakes. This also applies to kids at school who can’t focus because they are too tired. Some will fall asleep in class while others will take a nap after school rather than doing  homework.

So what can we do? A majority of Americans lack sleep for all different kinds of reasons, but most of those can be controlled. Many people tend to watch television for an extreme amount of time (bingeing on Netflix or Hulu series); others are on their laptop or iPhone. iphone-410324__180All of these are distractions that can be prevented by simply turning them off. By doing this you will get the correct amount of sleep that is required and the results will be noticed immediately. Lack of sleep is a major problem but can be solved fairly simply.